5G CMM EXPO – Hannover Oct 8-10

Ubirch – leveraging the full potential of 5G with Blockchain and IoT

5G is around the corner – and it will for sure change our life and how we work. Many businesses are curious: are there any real businesscases out already? Can i start using it for my business? Which new business models and applications do benefit from the new standards most?

Mehr Informationen zur 5G CMM Expo: https://www.5gcmm.com

5G CMM EXPO in Hannover will deliver the answers – through international experts and key players from the industry. In the front line: UBIRCH. As partner of the advisory board we helped shaping this new event, but we will also showcase concrete industrial innovations with our partners and clients.

Many good reasons to come and experience what 5G can do for your business today and in the near future. Below some info on the Showcases that we will present:

A few Highlights:

“Immutable Control of an AGVM

Presented by Ubirch conjointly with WAGO, Götting, MECSware and Novoferm

How can an AGV in a production environmently be controlled safely including autonomous behavior and other vehicles? I a combined installation we are showcasing how this can be done with 5G technology today.

Showcase „Damage Detection for Air-Freight Containers“

presented by Ubirch conjointly with Lufthansa Industry Solutions

The combination of new techniques like deep learning and edge intelligence can be leveraged for various new areas in logistics, healthcare and for the insurance industry. Based on a typical air-freight container we are demonstrating together with Lufthansa Industry Solutions how this can be solved with 5G technology.

Showcase: Blockchain Scooter

Presented by UBIRCH together with Deutsche Telekom T-Labs

Mobility is one of the most vibrant sectors for IoT innovations, that really matter. Together with Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs and other technology partners we are presenting the Blockchain Scooter – a brand new mobility ecosystem entirely based on a smart combination of blockchain technology for identity, payment, driving data.

Showcase: Autonomous driving cargo bike

Presented by Ubirch, Pedalpower and University Partners

Cargo-Bikes are becoming an integral part of modern mobility – not only in cities, but also in large production facilities and industrial environments. We are presenting a prototype of a cargo-bike that can drive autonomously – by using sensor arrays, machine learning and 5G connectivity.

Presentation „New Business Models based on SIM-Cards, Blockchain and 5G“

Ubirch CEO Stephan Noller

How can IoT data be made immutable right from the source, on the sensor? And how will this foster the development of new business models, based on trustworthy IoT data? In his presentation UBIRCH CEO and Co-Founder Stephan Noller will give answers to these questions and demonstrate, how the Blockchain-enabled SIM-Cards of Giesecke & Devrient are making this possible.

When? 09.10.2019, 11:15 – 11:40
Where? Saal 2

Paneldiscussion „Standardization & Regulation“

Ubirch CEO Stephan Noller in discussion with Kim Juchem, Dirk Kretzschmar, Dominic Schupke und Johannes Springer, Moderator: Frank Jablonski

If we are expecting 5G to play a crucial role in industries like Space-Technology, Automotive production, Healthcare and other industries it is clear, that regulation and a proper legal framework + industrial standards will play a crucial role.

When? 09.10.2019, 12:30 – 13:00

Where? Saal 2

„Hacking connected machines – fascination IoT live”

The Ubirch Hackathon in Cooperation with Deutsche Messe

Ever witnessed a Deep-Tech professional at work? In this Workshop together with Deutsche Messe we will let you hack with technology that is going to shape our future. Create some sensors and measure movement of autonomous objects around you – and log every event immutably to the blockchain!

When? 10.10.19, 10:00 – 15:30

Where? Saal E


Overview of all Events at 5GCMM Expo by UBIRCH:

Mittwoch, 09.10 | 11:15 – 11:40 Uhr
New Business Models

Mittwoch, 09.10 | 12:30 – 13:00 Uhr
Paneldiskussion – Standardisierung & Regulierung

Donnerstag, 10.10 | 10:00 – 15:30 Uhr
Ubirch Hackathon


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