Digital Corona Lab Certificate

Digital Corona Lab Results
on the Blockchain
verifiable & trusworthy

Verifiable digital
Lab Results

Testing is one of the most powerful measures to fight the virus. But digitized test-results are even more powerful - they can be checked, reused and are more privacy-friendly than paper-results, too. Only the tested person can decide whether he/she wants to present the digital result.

We joined with partners from the healthcare-sector to create the most privacy friendly and secure system for digital lab-results. Only with such a system people can carry their test-result around with them and use it whenever it makes sense. As these digital test-results can be verified by 3rd-parties easily there are multiple ways of reusing a test-result. Imagine a guest on a cruise ship is tested and wants to enter a museum during a stop or a restaurant. And as they return to the ship a valid test-result will be scanned and verified again. Other results from rapid-tests or antibody-testing can be integrated, too. And a vaccination status will be needed as a digital status in the future as well.

We work with renowned partners to create a full-stack solution for digital Corona Test-Results. Whether it is onboarding, ID verification, Blockchain Integration or Verification and Linking the solution to existing IT components. Talk to us to find out, how it can work for you.

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Are you interested in how we deal with ethical questions around the Corona Certificate? Would you like to read what happened, when we decided to "eat our own dog-food" and start the self-testsing on our own team? Visit our Coroporate Blog.

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Are you considering testing your employees, clients or visitors, too? We have good experience with all kinds of testing-scenarios and good partnerships with certified labs. Reach out to us and we will figure out, what we can do.

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