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Many employers are concerned about the health of their employees in the Corona crisis. What can work look like in times of the pandemic, as long as no vaccine is widely available. New technologies, such as the digital Corona test certificate from Ubirch, can make workplaces safer in the long term, for companies and employees. We believe that digital solution modules can play an important role in this, digitized test results, contact tracing, check-in processes and verification of test results before the start of the working day. Together with our partners, we have put together a well-coordinated and market-tested solution portfolio so that you can get your company back on track.

With the digital corona test certificate, this process becomes more efficient. Above all, it enables the tested person to carry a digital version of the test result on a mobile device. Thanks to robust cryptographic procedures and UBIRCH's unique blockchain technology, it is also forgery-proof and complies with applicable data protection law. This enables the quick digital recording of test results for access controls without storing personal data - very easily with the help of a QR code.

Offer your employees and business partners as well as external service providers home tests with our help, combine proven PCR laboratory tests with rapid tests on site. But you can also use the additional safeguards that we can offer. Contact tracing for visitors with the help of rentable Bluetooth beacons. Simplified check-in processes with the RecoverApp. Secure collection of personal data with reading devices from Bundesdruckerei. Let us offer you a solution so that you can say at any time: we have taken the strongest precautions available on the market to protect our employees and our company.

In addition, with our partners we can offer tailor-made insurance solutions that relieve you of other worries.

We work with numerous renowned lab partners and can offer the full set of corona test-solutions that is on the market currently. Whether it is home-test-kits, swab-service on site or a fully equipped lab-truck in front of your event-location - our partners can help. Of course the test-result will always be sealed with the Ubirch technology and ready for verification.

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Our Partner Lufthansa Industry Solution is an experienced IoT systems integrator and can offer more digital services for securing an event in times of Covid. An App for digital verification of test-results at an entrance, bluetooth beacons on a rental basis for contact tracing at the event or traffic management solutions for high frequent places. The Lufthansa colleagues have it and are able to connect everything to your local IT.

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Our other partners can help to manage the digital interface to the customer in the best way, healex and m.doc are specialists for smart interfaces, RecoverApp is the market leader for QR-Code based Checkin at events and Bundesdruckerei can provide reading equipment for ID-cards, if necessary. We can deliver the full stack of digital services around Corona-Protection for you.

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  • Verify Test-Results with a click

    With the Digital Corona Test Certificate, the certified test status of a person can be easily checked at any time using a QR code. For example, passengers could have their test results verified directly at the gate before departure. Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) offers this safe and convenient service. The app with integrated UBIRCH interface can also easily be used in other application areas or industries.

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