Partners & Integrators for UBIRCH blockchain technology

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In order to fully realise the potential of UBIRCH blockchain solutions, we rely on trust-based partnership with a number of renowned companies at the forefront of digital transformation.

This could involve the development of innovative data-driven business models, new applications for cyber security or visionary solutions for secure identity management. Together, we are working to help realise the next industrial revolution and are integrating UBIRCH technology into a total solution that will make our fully networked world not only smarter but also more secure.

The T-Labs team at Deutsche Telekom is driving the digital transformation of communications services – with projects involving block-chain technology, smart city concepts, AI and New Media Experience and relevant solutions for internal and external stakeholders.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports the digital transformation of businesses by providing IT consulting and system integration services. Primarily, for the aviation industry but also various other sectors such as healthcare, automotive, logistics or the energy industry.

Microsoft is a leading provider of Industrial IoT applications. It uses the UBIRCH solution to successfully implement cloud computing based on Microsoft IoT components in the Azure Blockchain.

Bundesdruckerei supports states, organisations and companies with solutions and products for secure identity management. With technologies and services to protect sensitive data. Communication and infrastructures are »Made in Germany«

G+D Mobile Security is a leading cyber security and secure identity management specialist that offers products and solutions for the financial and mobile sector, health insurance companies, private companies and public transportation.

Reply is a leading IoT project network. To be able to deliver the most demanding customer projects in an integrated manner, UBIRCH is networked with relevant Reply entities.

As a full-service provider, The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH (*um) implements demanding digital projects and is a specialist for Big Data (Data Science and Data Engineering) and Cloud Services.

Crout is a specialist in IoT solutions based on industrial SIM cards. With many years of experience in telecommunications, the company offers customized, internationally available M2M services.

The Center for Connected Industry at RWTH Aachen University specializes in developing industrial solutions for logistics and production on the basis of the latest technologies with partners.

Aachen-based regio-IT is a IT solutions provider for the public sector and regional businesses. Using UBIRCH technology, regio-IT's block chain solutions can be implemented that require particularly incorruptible sensors.

Cumulocity IoT makes complex IoT projects easy using a single IT architecture that involves everything from edge to cloud and onsite. The Cumulocity platform is designed to be open and allows real-time IoT data handling without the need for complex software development and coding.

1NCE is the global Tier-1 IoT carrier and provides comprehensive managed services for the connectivity of IoT applications such as asset tracking, tank monitoring, vehicle telemetry, smart metering or waste management.

grandcentrix is an IoT Solution Provider for Smart Products, Internet of Things, Smart Home and Smart Energy. With over 150 experts on board, the company's expertise covers the entire technology and user experience for future proof large-scale IoT production.

Katulu offers end-to-end solutions for companies that want to develop Industrial IoT solutions. Our services include business model and market entry consulting, program governance, plus the creation, implementation and operation of OT, IT and cloud solutions.

erminas is a multidisciplinary team focused on a goal-oriented, sustainable and efficient digitalization of the world. erminas creates comprehensive IIoT solutions, supports you and your team in the digitalization and implementation of Industry 4.0. Furthermore, erminas develops individual enterprise software solutions for highest demands. erminas Applications are characterized by a clear and intuitive usability and a high reliability. They are performant and scalable. The maintenance is uncomplicated and efficient.


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