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What is a Ubirch Protocol Package?
The idea of the Ubirch system is to use a cryptographic "blockchain" client on the edge for sealing data-packages that are being created on that Edge-Device. In order to do that we created the Ubirch protocol package (UPP), that comes with a couple of cool features.
The main functionality is a signature over the hash of the payload, i.e. the generated reading of the device (e.g. temperature). By this the actual data gets immutable and fraudulent changes would be detected, easily. 
But it also gets chained together with the previous package, so that the order of the packages can be observed, too.

Find out more about the beauty of this approach here and a bit more technical deep dive here.

The Ubirch Trust Protocol

Setting up a Ubirch Nano-Client
A strong USP of the Ubirch system is how we create trust from the source. Therefore we put a lot of work into our nano-client. A crisp C-based library that can do some crypto-operations and generate Ubirch Trust Packages even under very constrained conditions. If you want to start by building your own nano-client and let it fire against our backend, there are a couple of good starting points, but we would recommend to start doing your "hello world" in python - a slightly more advanced version can be found here.
Alternatively you can follow the docker-client approach which will give you a local proxy to the Ubirch system, which offers a local REST-API where your data can get handed over to.  For more advanced implementation - especially on Microcontrollers - please contact us.

Hello World in Python

Quick Showcase: talk to our telegram bot
Maybe you want to start by just experiencing the Ubirch system in action. Imagine you are in a messenger-conversation with your Lawyer or a Client and want to prove something. Maybe through a picture, maybe also just something that has been agreed in writing. We implemented an easy way to test this as a lightweight use-case for the basic principles of the Ubirch system. Download the telegram app and try to find the ubirch_python_bot user. Once you found him, just send him a picture or say something. It will create an UPP for you out of it and provide ├Żou with a verification link right away.

Say hi to our telegram-bot

Experience Blockchain on a SIM-Card
One of the most advanced ways to see the Ubirch system in action is our Blockchain on a SIM. It's an implementation of the Ubirch nano-client completely inside a standard SIM-card. You can interact with it through AT-commands, but the whole crypto-operations are offloaded to the SIM-card. We think it is a nice way of getting IoT devices secured by just plugging in such a SIM-card. Do you want to try it? You can order a complete Test-Kit from us that gives you a nice start and will let you smile.

Order Sim-Test-Kit

Verification - reveals the full power of the Ubirch system
The idea of the Ubirch system was always to create new ways of verifying data. We think there will be more and more business models where trust in the data you build your business on will become crucial. Have a look at how this could work. Of course in normal operation such a verification will usually be fully automated and happen in seconds. But in some business cases it can make a lot of sense to even check individual data-packets through a verification form. Have a look at our telegram message verifier, a verification form for digital corona certificates or another one where events from a smart lock can get checked. And finally - a simple hash-verifier. When verification goes through you can click on the blockchain icons at the bottom to check the according entries in several public blockchains - a perfect mathematical proof.

Verification Page for Statements

See Ubirch in Action

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