Energy suppliers/Infrastructure

Energy suppliers/Infrastructure

Energy suppliers are faced with the requirements of increasingly complex and decentralized organized networks.

For example, in Smart Micro Grids many decisions have to be made locally rather than using a central control.

Intelligent devices like electric cars have to authenticate to be charged, and there are many means of generating power for the grid, which have to be measured, authenticated and so on.

A protocol to secure the used data on current flow, feeders and electrical loads can help securing grids and ensuring that only authorized switch commands can be performed.

At the same time the fragmented and local feeding and consumption can be recorded legally watertight and invoiced automatically.

What we can offer

Together with our partners we can offer the full range of measurement and control solutions for a smart grid – customized for your needs. Micro-Controllers with ubirch firmware can sit in edge-devices on the grid like solar cells, wind-turbines or other energy generators.
This means that your infrastructure will receive secured data-packages from these edge-nodes, but it also can send out secured packages to issue commands, e.g. let a wind-turbine turn out of the wind.
Contact us and we will figure out, how a solution like ours can be implemented for your benefit.

“To protect our climate, we as a society rely on renewable energy, heat pumps and e-mobility. Thus, energy production is becoming more and more small-scale, the number of load relevant consumers larger and the reserves in the grid ever smaller. The big challenge now is to make all this possible to manage. This can only be achieved through intelligent measurement and control. At the same time, the dangers of possible attacks on the digital energy infrastructure are becoming ever bigger. In this context, Ubirch offers an extremely exciting and promising solution for the cryptographic protection of measurement and control data”.

Martin Vesper, thought leader for digitization, networking in the home and the energy industry; former Managing Director Yello Strom and CEO digitalSTROM


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