Securing the Industrial Internet of Things

The ubirch protocol can be used to secure and seal production data before leaving the factory. This can address many concerns of producers who want to network their production but who are concerned about the misuse of the data.

 ubirch is a solution that uses advanced crypto and blockchain to secure IoT data at the source. It can be used with any IoT hardware/sensor. Data that is sealed by the ubirch protocol can be verified wherever and whenever it is used later.

Cyber-Security is of major importance when factories are connected to the internet – ubirch has a solution to secure production data.

Example use cases in Industry 4.0:

Tolerance allocation

Production tolerances are recorded during production and precisely sealed in the Blockchain. The following production steps can modify their processes using this data.

Smart Assembly

Data from the production of all suppliers are used to optimize the assembly of the final product. For example, component carriers with negative tolerance can be combined with fenders with positive tolerance. The final product can be assembled with higher precision without an additional investment on high-precision manufacturing of individual parts.

Predictive Maintenance

Cryptographically secured machine data can be provided for connected service providers. By sealing the data all parties benefit from the machine’s “immutable log”, for example when the compliance with maintenance procedures can be proven.

Elimination of intermediate and final checks

In a networked production measuring processes are frequently repeated, for example when goods are shipped and they are received in the plant of the subsequent producer. Sealing the measurement data in a Blockchain – and thus establishing the full reliability of measured data – can help reducing intermediate checks and streamlining processes.

Evidence of origin and production conditions

Sealed data from the production process can be used to provide legally watertight information on the identity and the origin of a part and to save critical factors of the production.

Digital Twin

Many processes in the networked industry rely on the concept of the so-called “digital twin”, which means a digital equivalent of the produced good in the cloud. This provides you with all status information of the actual good. The more business processes are based on this data the more essential it is to secure the integrity of this data. The ubirch protocol helps ensuring this using Blockchain sealing.

For further information please download our whitepaper:

ubirch Use Case – Industry 4.0 (Whitepaper)

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“The Center Connected Industry aims to directly transfer the new technologies and opportunities of the Internet of Things into productive benefits through early evaluation and testing. From our point of view, blockchain technology will cause one of the biggest changes in industrial production in the coming years. The partnership with ubirch as a solution provider for the blockchain-based protection of IoT data is therefore an important step for us on the path to establishing the digitally networked companies of the future,”

Christian Maasem, Director of the Center Connected Industry in the Smart Logistics cluster at the RWTH Aachen Campus

“For industrial IoT applications it is usually extremely important, that data from IoT devices can be distributed in a secure way – especially as we are operating in complex IoT ecosystems. The ubirch solution does look very promising for us to solve this.”

Dr. Holger Schlüter, Associate Director Internet of Things (IoT), Lufthansa Industry Solutions


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