The ubirch protocol can secure IoT sensors in a way that insurance companies can fully rely on the data coming from the insured risks. This is also possible when the insurance company isn’t directly connected to the IT of the insured object – ubirch sealed data can also be verified when it arrives in the IT of the insurance company indirectly.

 ubirch is a solution that uses advanced crypto and blockchain to secure IoT data at the source. It can be used with any IoT hardware/sensor. Data that is sealed by the ubirch protocol can be verified wherever and whenever it is used later.

With the ubirch seal on the data the insurance company can check if the date really comes from the specified sensor/device and whether anything has been changed in the content or the order of data. This check can be performed fully automatically and at a high speed.

A solution like this offers a number of business benefits for insurance companies:

Risk Management

Risks can be assessed better with IoT – Sensors can provide historical information about a machine or a building, environmental conditions can be checked and IoT sensors can provide early indicators of a failure.

Damage Tracking and Prevention

Damage can be reported automatically and reliably. Whenever something happens to an insured risk IoT sensors can deliver data what happened in real time. If this data can be trusted by the insurance the claim can be handled automatically.

Fraud Protection

Fraud by forged damage data can be reduced by sealing the data from the source. Every manipulation of the data creates a red-flag immediately.

Claims Management

Claim settlement can potentially be automated or at least be accelerated. Condition data can be used to prevent or curb damage

Sealed Photos

Additional to securing IoT sensors it is possible to seal the data of a smartphone accordingly.
In the case of photos this is particularly important for insurance companies. Using an app equipped with the ubirch protocol damage and risks can be documented, for example. Secured photos play an increasingly important role in the field of micro insurances.

What we can offer

We can help you to make your company, your IT and your team ready for IoT and Blockchain – because they will almost certainly reshape how insurances are offered in the near future.
Invite us over, and we will tell you how to build up a smart-contract based, parametric insurance that is reading IoT data from a Blockchain. Or we are doing a test-drive for your next company event, a conference or a team-workshop. Just get started, contact us whenever you are ready.


“Parametric Insurances will become more and more important in the near future – but we also need solutions to get reliable IoT sensor data. The ubirch solution offers an exciting approach with an intelligent application of blockchain technology.” 

Dr. Matthias Maslaton, Member of the Board ARAG SE

“Insurers have to deal more with the fact that the Internet of Things also creates new opportunities to assess and hedge risks. ubirch has developed an interesting approach to generate particularly trustworthy data.”

Frieder Knüpling, Chief Risk Officer, SCOR


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