IoT platforms

IoT platforms

IoT platforms are increasingly faced with the demand for securing data using a Blockchain integration. This only makes sense when data has already been sealed with cryptography as soon as it leaves the sensor, otherwise the use of a Blockchain might lead to the perception of false security.

No one can guarantee that the – unchangeable – data saved in a Blockchain actually reflects the sensor data. The ubirch protocol can be integrated with a large number of IoT devices/sensors and backend structures and can be made an integral part of an IoT platform.

Customers using the IoT platform can choose the sealing of data with a ubirch protocol as an option for critical use cases, for example, when they want to capture data of their IoT devices on a pay-per-use basis.


“At T-Labs we are working continuously on exploring blockchain grounded business models and developing corresponding minimum viable products (MVP’s) – with a special focus on IoT, at the moment. The ubirch solution solves an interesting piece of the overall problem by making IoT sensors part of a blockchain and securing their data at the source.”

John Calian, Senior Vice President and Head of Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs)


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