IoT Startups/Businesses

IoT Startups und businesses can use the ubirch solution to make their own product blockchain-ready. By using ubirch they can offer IoT solutions with cutting edge security built in – but not only that. The ubirch solution is designed to make IoT data secure with a complex IoT data ecosystem in mind – which means every user of data that is secured with ubirch can check for authenticity and integrity of that data – leveraging new business models like pay-per use, smart-contracts or data-trading.

“Designing a healthcare device is tough – regulation, user-experience, battery-lifetime, firmware – there are tons of things that have to be solved. With the ubirch solution we were able to solve the critical task of securing data from these devices very easy – in the same time we were able to add a strong feature to our product without developing it on our own.”

Katrin Reuter, CEO and Founder of trackle.