Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Cities are increasingly using IoT sensor technology to keep an eye on their infrastructure and to offer digital services. In many of these cases it is crucial that citizens can rely on this data and to prevent fraud – for example while logging air quality data or having an ambulance trigger phased traffic lights.

Similarly, it’s more and more important to offer digital infrastructure for companies to be able to receive or send data reliably.

For example, this could enable car rental companies to use a Blockchain API to check whether a valid driving license is available or not. The ubirch method helps building up reliable infrastructure and providing many parties with data and putting less effort in securing the transmission channels and saving money at the same time.

“As a multi-channel sales-house we have to be prepared for the responsive city of the future – where IoT technology will play a crucial role in the near future. How this can be secured with the ubirch solution – so that data can be made available to multiple stakeholders in a reliable way – does make a lot of sense from our perspective.”

Christian von den Brincken, Managing Director Business Development, Ströer SE & Co. KGaA