Sealing IoT Data-Streams

With the UBIRCH System an IoT Sensor is able to create a digital signature for every data-package that is generated – based on a private key. The receiver of such a data-package can verify the integrity of the data based on that signature, together with the public key from the sensor.

Create Cryptographic Identity (once per sensor)
privkey: HowTo:
Generate a key-pair, then type some measurement data into “IoT Data 1”. The signature is computed based on the private key. Now you can verify that package by copying the measurement, its signature and the pubkey into the verification fields and press “verify”.
With the second measurement the previous signature can be used to also secure the correct order of packets.
First IoT Data-Package verification:
IoT Data 1: IoT Data:
signature 1: signature:
timestamp: pubkey:
Second IoT Data-Package verification:
IoT Data 2: IoT Data:
signature 2: prev signature:
timestamp: signature:

The private key is generated on the IoT sensor and never leaves it. Thus every measurement with a valid signature proves that both the content of the package and the source are authentic.

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