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1NCE, Giesecke+Devrient and UBIRCH bring IoT security to the SIM card

Blockchain on a SIM card – The Tier-1 IoT Carrier 1NCE , the provider of security technologies Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security (G&D) and the blockchain specialist UBIRCH, release an IoT security service that can easily be used with the IoT SIM Cards of 1NCE combining the security standards of cellular and blockchain technology.

The Internet of Things is about managing millions of objects. The more objects are becoming smart the more security concerns arise. Data Manipulation is considered the new frontier in Cyber-Security as it is often easier to compromise a target infrastructure instead of gaining full access. The cooperation between 1NCE, G&D and UBIRCH provides protection against such unauthorized access and thus manipulation.

The physical world with its digital shadow – The UBIRCH nano-client software runs on the edge device, for example on the 1NCE SIM cards, and signs and chains data at the source of data creation. The cloud-based UBIRCH trust service anchors the trusted data in the blockchain and provides simple REST-based services to check the received data for authenticity and integrity against the blockchain.


As of March 2020, 1NCE IoT SIM cards can be configurated with UBIRCH’s award-winning security technology right from the start. The Ubirch solution seals sensor data directly at its source – on the SIM Chip itself – and not after it has been stored in a blockchain in the cloud. Data packets that have been sealed in such a way can be verified whenever they are being processed later in any cloud or IT-systems, allowing for fully automated, data-driven architectures across supply-chains such as Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics and Smart Grids.

This new offering is based on the enterprise-grade customer proven SIGNiT solution from G+D. It combines proven SIM environments and secure operating systems with blockchain technology from Ubirch. SIGNiT is already used by enterprise customers such as Lufthansa Industry Solutions for transport damage detection (more information).

UBIRCH has developed a trust protocol, which ensures that data from IoT sensors can’t be falsified after their generation. The data packets of sensors are sealed and chained with strong cryptography in a way that it becomes technically impossible to manipulate them once stored in a Blockchain. This combination of offering Blockchain on a SIM including managed connectivity is unique and the first of its kind.

With our constantly growing customer base of more than 2,300 customers we know exactly what IoT customers need. Security is one the key features especially enterprise customers demand. With embedding the UBIRCH nano client right on our 1NCE IoT SIM card, we further push the boundaries of what is possible in easy to use international cellular IoT connectivity. With this great leap forward, we again demonstrate how disruptive collaboration between industry players can be, says Kim Juchem, COO at 1NCE.

Transforming IoT into profitable business is clearly about two things: Security and Scaling. With this exciting cooperation we can offer a breakthrough solution for both. The best in class IoT connectivity combined with the leading IoT security solution. We believe that this offering will re-define how businesses will think about IoT, states Stephan Noller, CEO of UBIRCH.

Besides the fascinating product together with 1NCE and G+D, UBIRCH also shows an exciting showcase, which was originally developed together with Telekom (XRIDE). The “Blockchain on a SIM” solution can be viewed live in action at the stand in the so-called #Blockchainscooter.

Experience a detailed demonstration of the new 1NCE SIM cards with UBIRCHs encryption firmware live during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Booth CS60, Hall Congress Square. 1NCE COO Kim Juchem and UBIRCH-CEO Stephan Noller will be available for interviews at the booth from February 24th to 27th, 2020 in Barcelona.

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Whitepaper UBIRCH:

The Internet of Things is opening up a whole new world of services and opportunities that requires the highest level of trust in data. 1NCE and UBIRCH now enable new data-driven business models by making IoT data verifiable through block chain technology on a SIM card.

Blockchain on a SIM card (PDF)


The UBIRCH approach for a fully networked world in which all processes and data-based business models are enabled via digital twins: Before data is transferred from the physical to the digital world, we seal every single data packet directly at the point of data collection – using robust cryptography and blockchain technology.

UBIRCH – Facilitating digital Transformation (PDF)


Case Study Giesecke+Devrient:

SIGNiT combines the proven SIM environments and secure operating systems of G+D Mobile Security with the innovative blockchain technology of the Cologne-based company UBIRCH.



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