Bundesdruckerei is a provider of technology and expertise in the field of security and identity management.

Microsoft has a strong offering in industrial IoT – and ubirch runs on Azure.


Regio-IT is a local provider of hosting and smart infrastructure services – one of the first companies to have an up and running Blockchain Infrastructure.


Reply-AG is one of the strongest networks of IoT Experts and Technology in the EU. The Reply-Experts can help to leverage the full potential out of the ubirch solution.


The Center Connected Industry is part of RWTH Aachen, the most renowned German University for Engineering and Industrial Know How. Together with other clients we are working on cutting edge industrial solutions that can be deployed to the demo-factory but also in a real production line.


Crout is a specialist for applications based on IoT Sim-Cards.


Cumulocity is the leading IoT platform for industrial devices and other B2B IoT Solutions. ubirch can be used as a plug-in solution inside of Cumulocity.

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