ubirch – business perspective

Making IoT Security Pervasive

One of the biggest hurdles in the current state of the IoT market is … Trust.
Currently it is way too easy to hack IoT devices or falsify transmitted data.

ubirch has developed a solution for this challenge: a protocol – implemented in software on connected devices and in the cloud – which guarantees the integrity of data which is exchanged between IoT devices. 

Data packets are sealed in a way, that makes it impossible to modify this data later – at least not without red lights going on all over the place. 

Our solution guarantees, that:

  • the data has not been changed

  • the data originates from the device

  • time of recording

  • the data is not a duplicate

  • no data in a stream has been deleted

This enables the creation of tamper-proof, auditable records, which can be trusted by all parties involved in a business model – even, if not all of these parties trust each other 100%.

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