The Blockchain for Things

The Internet of Things will only grow to it’s full potential, if we can truly trust all the Billions of connected devices and the data they deliver …

The Blockchain for Things creates Trust for IoT devices.



A Notary Service for The Internet of Things

The ubirch solution works similar to sealing a contract at the office of a sworn-in notary. Afterwards the seal can still be broken and the contract changed – but not without leaving traces. And if these traces are detected, the original document can be retrieved from the notary’s archive.

ubirch implements exactly this level of trustworthiness by applying hard, military-grade cryptography and blockchain technology.

What makes our solution truly unique: ubirch guarantees this notary-level of trustworthiness right from the moment, data is sealed on the connected device, milliseconds after it has been measured – and not only after it has been stored in a blockchain somewhere in the cloud.

▷Blockchain for Things Whitepaper

▷ubirch in a nutshell

Blockchain for “Things”

The ubirch protocol and the ubirch software are guaranteeing that IoT data is trustworthy and secure, i.e., that a sealed data packet

  • has not been changed after the sealing
  • originates from the device it says it comes from
  • was recorded at the specified time
  • is not a duplicate of another data packet
  • can not been deleted without notice

The ubirch solution is implemented through

  • firmware running on connected devices
  • a thin cloud-based backend
  • a small number of API calls for verifying the integrity of data packets


Stephan Noller (CEO)
Michael Merz (CISO)
Matthias Leo Jugel (CTO)
Markus Breuer (COO)