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Sealing Data for digital Healthcare Solutions.

The Healthcare Sector is hungry for new digital solutions - digital health-records, tele-medicine, digital vaccination status. There are endless opportunities to organize health in a better and more personalized way by introducing digital technologies. But data-integrity is crucial, more than in any other sector. UBIRCH has invented a solution, that brings the highest standards for data-integrity and authenticity to healthcare applications. 

Replying to @Ubirch_Trust

There are a couple of reasons for this decision, but the main drivers are the EU requirements and the focus on speed and reduced complexity. We will update you once more details are available. (2/2) (sn)

Hi all. There is news about the project of the German federal ministry of health. According to sources in the ministry a choice was made not to use a public blockchain integration for the first implementation phase. (1/2)

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