business models.
Safe and scalable.

Soon billions of sensors will be connected worldwide. In e-scooters, machines, cars, parcels, garbage cans, and even our clothes.

Digital networking with digital duplicates offers a wealth of ground-breaking opportunities for new, data-driven business models. Provided that IoT data are trustworthy. A problem that UBIRCH solves with the help of block chain technology. Now, for the first time, using, sharing and trading IoT data is secure and, above all, scalable.

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Das konservative/liberale Schweigen dazu ist beschämend. Ihr müsst die Linkspartei nicht gut finden, aber das ist größer als Parteipolitik.

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a car where when you want a new feature you tweet the CEO, he says ok then your car updates itself while you sleep then you have your feature. the future is so cool.. i mean minus all that other horrible shit

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